• What is the Smyth Sewn

      To create a structurally strong book binding that will last as long as the book itself, Smyth Sewing is a preferred method. Smyth-Sewn books often have headbands and footbands, small cloth strips at the top and bottom of the spine that are mostly decorative, hiding the edges of the binding....More>>

    • All About Hardcover Binding

      Hardcover binding offers a beautiful, professional look and the highest level of protection of any binding style, which is also called "casebound" or "case binding"—is the binding method by which we sew the inside pages together and bind them, together with the end sheets, into a hard casing made of a rigid cardboard cover wrapped with a printed sheet of cover paper, vinyl, cloth, or leatherette. ...More>>

    • Different Hardcover Case Making Machine for Choosing

      We offer various options for the production of book cases: from semi-automatic, to fully automatic, then to high speed production. The focus is always on high quality and minimum set-up times, even with changing formats....More>>

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