• Quickly Learn the Hardcover Book Binding

      A hardcover, hardbound or hardback book has rigid covers and is stitched in the spine. Looking from the top of the spine, the book can be seen to consist of a number of signatures bound together. How to make a hardcover book from printing sheet to the hardcover book?...More>>

    • Let's talk about Gathering Machine

      In bookbinding, a gathering machine is used to assemble individual sheets or signatures into the correct order for binding. It ensures that the pages are arranged in the proper sequence before they are bound together. Gathering machines may have pincer arms, rotary arms, or friction devices, and different fetching systems are preferable for different binding things and different speeds....More>>

    • Sewn Binding: A Time Honored Craft

      Sewn binding is one of the oldest binding methods in history, and it is still the most durable form of binding for printed products today. Sewn binding is a process which utilizes thread sewn through printed signatures to bind them together....More>>

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