Automatic Book Block Preparation Line

Tag : book block,book binding

Automatic Book Block Preparation Line is used for sewn book block's end sheet lining, back gluing, spine paper pasting, widely used in the hardcover book/notebook block's making, including Book Block Infeed Conveyor - Three Times 30T Mechanical Pre pressing - Twin End Sheet Lining - Misfeed and Double-Sheet Control (book block thickness checking) - servo-driven Intelligent Block Gap Control System - Immersing Cold Gluing - Hot-Melt Gluing - Air Blowing   Infrared Drying System - Book Block Back Spine Pasting System - Dual Channel Swing System for Book Block Splitting - Dual Channel Drying - Dual Channel End Press.


  • End Sheet Double Lining
  • Hot-melt Gluing System
  • Cold Gluing System
  • Book Block Back Spine Gluing System





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